Sigyn, reborn in Midgard (tag: sigynreborn)

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Sigyn was a senior in the History curse of New York University. Although, she spent most of her time working on a bookstore, she also worked as a volunteer in the library of the university, which was remodeled and extended thanks to the donations of the deceased billionaire and philanthropist Tony Stark. It was really sad that he died before the works on the building were finished. The philanthropist not only donated money, he also donated many rare books to the Norse mythology section. Now, all the mythology section, which contains books about the mythology of several cultures all around the world, would be named after him.

Sigyn was driving her old pickup toward Warwick town. She was trusted with the mission to hand the invitation about the unveiling of the remodeled library to Mr. Stark husband. The university wished to invite him to the ball in celebration of the new library that would happen one month later. In the ball, there would be homages for Mr. Stark, and a honor present would be given to his husband.

Warwick was a small town having about thirty thousand people, so it wasn’t hard to find Mr. Stark house. Not that “house” could really describe the huge mansion in which his husband lived now alone. Sigyn stopped the car at the front door and got out as she grabbed the invitation. She rang the bell and waited for someone to answer. The young historian glanced at the invitation once more. “Loki is the name of his husband… I wonder if he’s at home.”

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